Retro Acne Pills Review- Does it Cause Side Effects?

retro acne vitamins

You can find Retro ACNE VITAMINS reviews online, but can the ingredients cause side effects in some people?

What do the Flo Capsules do?

Acne stems from hormones, genetics, as well as hygiene. When taken consistently one may find relief for their mild acne using the Retro acne pills.

As shown on their site, RETROacne is promoted to help:

pimples & pustules, whiteheads & blackheads, recurrent breakouts, back & body acne.

These vitamins won't help with weight loss, but one of the ingredients is a probiotic which could improve gut health.

Continue reading to learn more about the ingredients, who can take it, and if there are negative side effects.

Flo Retro Vitamins Reviews

As this is a new product there aren't many references around the web. There was one bad Flo Retro acne review which explained they weren't experiencing any benefits.

There are a handful of positive critiques on the OPositiv website mentioning fewer breakouts and calmer skin from the retro acne relief vitamin capsules.

From our research we haven't seen any adverse side effects from the Retro capsules.

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Are there any negative reviews of flo vitamins?

There are reddit reviews, website testimonials, and Amazon ratings that you can read regarding negative reactions. 

Side Effects- Are Retro Acne Relief Pills Safe?

The side effects of Flo supplements may include more breakouts or no difference in the appearance of breakouts.

They are safe for most, but interactions with medications could be possible so it's importnat to consult with your doctor.

If you have a dairy allergy you shouldn't take Retro because it contains Lactoferrin which is a whey protein found in cow's milk.

What are the Active Ingredients?

The retro skin vitamins consist of Lactoferrin, Zinc, & Vitamin E as part of this clear skin formula.

  1. Lactoferrin
    It has a main function to improve the immune system by allowing the good bacteria in the gut to flourish. This helps reduce inflammation and fights bacteria that causes pimples. It is a form of dairy, but is lactose free.

  2. Zinc
    Zinc could be beneficial for skin health when one is deficient in it. In other cases it could be detrimental as it could raise testosterone in some people which is the main androgen that produces breakouts. It also has interactions with certain medications.

  3. Vitamin E
    Has antioxidant properties which protect our skin from damaging substances like free radicals. It works better when applied topically to the skin rather than orally by mouth.
  • Which vitamins improve skin?


Which vitamins improve skin?

We believe that Vitamins A, B5, and B3 have a profound effect on improving skin texture, reducing redness, and lessening breakouts. These vitamins are expensive to buy separately which is why Acnetame is a supplement for acne worth checking out.

Dosage and Who can Take it?

The acne relief capsules are suitable for ages 13 and older. There are 60 vegetarian capsules in one bottle which is a 30 day supply.

You are supposed to take the acne vitamin capsules consistently for 4-8 weeks.


You are to take 1 capsule in the morning with water and 1 in the afternoon. It isn't clear if the pills should be taken with or without food.

The testimonials we read seem to be all by women. We aren't sure if this supplement is suitable for men as it is not promoted that way, but we don't see why males couldn't take it.

Where to Buy- Are there Flo Vitamins Near Me?

You can buy the acne supplement online from their website for $44.99 a bottle and there's a subscription option starting at $34.99 for one bottle. You can choose to have 1, 2, or 3 bottles shipped per month.

The shipping is free and discounts & coupons are sometimes available on their site. The website is user friendly; when you login you can easily cancel subscription or contact customer service if needed.

This particular product is not sold on Amazon as only the gummies and the capsule version of the gummies are sold. You may be able to find this brand in stores like GNC.

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Pros & Cons

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Not dairy free
  • Not many customer reviews
  • Not sold on Amazon

CONCLUSION: Do Retro Flo Vitamins Actually Work for Acne?

After researching the ingredients and reading customer critiques online we believe it could be worth a try for some people. The company is trustworthy and it's possible you could see results.

As Retro is not dairy-free obviously not everyone can use it as it could make acne worse in those who are sensitive to dairy. If you're looking for a vitamin supplement free of dairy we recommend Acnetame.