Acnetame Review- These Ingredients are Legit UPDATED 2023

acnetame review

THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF REVIEWS ONLINE AS Acnetame are oily skin pills specifically designed for hormonal acne.

Hormonal acne can range from minor breakouts to cysts. It doesn't discriminate between faces or genders which is why it can be so stressful to deal with! Before you spend a lot of money at the dermatologist, you may want to give Acnetame a try.

Here's what you need to know about the Addrena Acnetame acne supplement including it's ingredients and possible adverse side effects.

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Does Acnetame Work? My Acnetame Review

Easy to Order

One bottle containing 60 tablets costs $24.99 plus $6.50 flat rate shipping. If you are ordering from outside of the United States you need to pay for international shipping.

Acnetame ships to Puerto Rico and most countries including Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany (erfahrungen & kaufen), France, Italy, and Switzerland.

You have the option to pay with PayPal or credit card. I chose PayPal as stated in my other reviews that it is my preferred way to pay because of the ease and safety. 

I received a tracking number within one business day and my bottle arrived within 3 days of ordering.

The best skin clarification pills reviews include this information because it is important to people that they are purchasing the product from a safe and reliable company.

I had no problem using the website or receiving payment confirmation so right off the bat I knew it wasn't a scam. I also found it helpful that there is an Acnetame FAQ infographic right on the website to answer any questions I had.

Directions and Dosing- How Many to Take? (Como tomar?)

The dose has been reduced from 2 pills taken per day to 1. Many people say they need to take 2 or more pills per day to see results. Please consult a doctor if you want to exceed 1 pill per day. 

For best results it is recommended to take it for a full 30 days.

What is Acnetame? Product Description

The bottle label is red and white and came packaged with a safety seal and cotton in the top of the bottle to prevent damage to the product pills.

acnetame pills

The tablets are a cream color and are about the size of a dime. They look like they are specifically manufactured to be easy to swallow because they are rounded off on the top and bottom. Some people have said they are big, but they can easily be cut in half if you have trouble swallowing pills.

The pills have a slight sulfur smell from the ingredient NAC as it is a natural form of sulfur. Sulfur has actually been used for thousands of years for treating skin issues like acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

You may also notice some spots or small specks on the tablets. When supplements are made with natural ingredients the appearance can change. If you see this, don't worry! It's completely normal to have lighter, darker, or spotted pills.

How Did Acnetame Effect My Skin?

I do not experience bad acne, but during hormonal changes in my body is when I am prone to a breakout or two of acne.

I started taking Acnetame at a time where my hormones were high which is what Acnetame is specifically designed for.

On the first day of taking the Acnetame pills I had one medium sized pimple at the top of my forehead. In the morning I took three tablets and at night I took another three tablets. Taking six a day technically exceeds the dose, but I wanted to see if a higher dose would produce quicker results. I did not experience any side effects from taking this dose.

Taking Vitamin A in high doses can cause toxicity, but it is added into this product at the right dose so that even if you did take more than four a day for a short period of time you shouldn't experience any side effects.

When I woke up the following day I noticed that the pimple was shrinking and becoming white-headed. It looked like it was ready to be popped if I wanted to, but I prefer not to pop pimples as it can lead to scarring if not done correctly. I rather it go away on it's own. I also applied benzoyl peroxide to the pimple twice that day.

The following day I took another dose of three tablets in the morning and two tablets at night as I started noticing that my bottom lip was becoming very dry. I also noticed that my skin was not oily and looked very smooth so I felt like the supplement was definitely helping.

Within three days my pimple was 95% gone. All that was left was a little red mark. I continued to take 1 pill for the next few days as a maintenance dose. I did not experience any new breakouts as the current blemish was diminishing. I feel that these ingredients helped to smoothen out my skin and tighten more pores as well.

Is Acnetame Safe?

I believe that Acnetame is safe because I did not have any side effects from it. It also contains natural ingredients that help detoxify the skin.

What Do Other Reviews for Acnetame Say?

"I have tried acne products like Proactive and Clean & Clear in the past with no luck. I am a male in my 20s and suffer from mild acne. These acne pills have worked tremendously! During the first week of using this product I noticed that my pimples started disappearing. A month in my acne is completely gone! Highly recommend this product!"

-Charles (Amazon Customer)

acnetame review amazon

Before and after Acnetame photos.

If you check out Acnetame vitamin supplements for acne treatment reviews online, you will see that it has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Most of the Acnetame reviews are positive with people saying that they have taken other pill brands with no luck and Acnetame is the only thing that has helped clear their skin. There are also many before and after photos that customers have posted showing their results.

You can also read what people say about this product on bodybuilding message boards such as NTBM. Acnetame is big in the bodybuilding community for people who are experiencing hormonal acne and before and after pictures can be found in the pill review threads.

"This vitamin supplement is amazing! I developed hormonal acne around the age of 25 and it got worse as I got older. When I turned vegetarian in hopes of it clearing, the acne flare up was worse than ever before. I decided to give acnetame a try in conjunction with a healthy diet and proper hydration. These three key processes helped blast my acne for good and I no longer have acne flareups and acnetame even cleared the older acne scars! I highly recommend this vitamin supplement. It is packed with essential vitamins that even vegetarians can benefit from. I cannot wait to receive my second bottle."

-Kat (Amazon Customer)

You can trust that these are the best oily skin pills reviews because Amazon is a highly trustworthy website to purchase products.

You know another great place to find Acnetame supplement reviews? Youtube! Many of the best acne pills reviews are video testimonials.

Did I Experience Results from Acnetame?

Many people wonder "does Acnetame work?" Well, I experienced great results from Acnetame as my face was less oily and the pimple that I had on my forehead went away in a matter of days.

I will not be returning this product as I feel like it can help my skin going forward and I plan on taking a maintenance dose to keep my complexion smooth and my skin feeling tight.


How Impressive are the Acnetame Ingredients?

These are the Acnetame ingredients:



Vitamin A

5000 IU

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

50 MG


300 MCG

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

1500 MG


200 MCG


120 MCG

NAC (N-Aceytl-Cysteine)

CoEnzyme Q10


NAC, CoEnzyme Q10 and Piperine are part of a proprietary blend and the total amount is 321 mg.

Below is in-depth information about the Acnetame ingredients and how they are helpful for helping hormonal acne and overall skin health.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is used in many over the counter supplements and anti-aging products because of it's ability to prevent against wrinkles. It is also found in topical treatments like Retin-A which is a derivative of vitamin A that is promoted to reduce sebum production, kill bacteria, and reduce inflammation. (1)

There are two main categories of Vitamin A:

Retinoids (retinol) are found in animal sources and are the active source of vitamin A. They are also the bioavailable forms of vitamin A as they are absorbed in the body immediately.

Carotenoids (also known as pre-vitamin A) are found in plant sources and are only converted into vitamin A in the body when consumed. 

The form of vitamin A used in Acnetame is fat soluble which means it gets stored in the body unlike water soluble vitamins which are excreted out in the urine. Fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A may have a potential increase in toxicity, but the dose of vitamin A in this product is added into the stack at a safe dose.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin b3 is also known as Niacin and is a water soluble vitamin. It has been shown to help our skin by improving elasticity and flexibility and reduce overall inflammation which will help to decrease acne lesions. (2)

When applied topically it can help smoothen out wrinkles and even out skin tone and complexion.

When B-vitamins are taken in conjunction with other B-vitamins, their potency is much greater. Niacin works along side Pantothenic Acid and Biotin to produce a powerful effect on treating pimples and reducing the inflammation that causes blemishes.


Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that doesn't cause hair loss, but actually facilitates in the growth of our hair, skin, and nails. It also helps regulate blood sugar, maintain healthy cholesterol, and keep our nervous system functioning properly. (3)

Biotin deficiency is rare as we already receive enough of it through our diet, but since our body can not produce it on it's own it is important that we are consuming enough. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) of Biotin for adults is 30 mcg.

The most common symptoms of Biotin deficiency include hair loss and skin rashes on the face.

Many people are worried that taking Biotin will cause acne, but you may only see an increase in acne if you take too much of it without the proper balance of vitamin B5.

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) is a water soluble vitamin that has been shown to decrease sebum production when taken in high doses. Sebum is the oil that is produced to help lubricate our skin and keep it from becoming too dry, but too much sebum production leads to oily skin, clogged pores, and acne.

It has antioxidant properties which help protect the skin from pollutants and other factors that can damage skin cells.

A study conducted over 12 weeks showed that people with acne lesions benefitted from taking Pantothenic Acid as their breakouts had decreased.

When applied topically, Pantothenic acid can help the growth of keratin which is what makes up the outer layer of our skin and helps to protect the skin and keep it functioning properly. (4)


Selenium is an antioxidant which is essential for the human body. It is found in the soil as well as food sources like eggs, meat, and fish. Some people including vegans and vegetarians can be slightly deficient in this mineral

There have been studies showing that acne sufferers may be lacking antioxidants in their body which cause oxidative stress and inflammation. One antioxidant in particular called the glutathione peroxidase enzyme is dependent on selenium and has been shown to be lower in people with acne so supplementing with selenium is beneficial for people experiencing breakouts. (5)


Chromium helps to boost the immune system which is one way that we can keep breakouts away. Having a healthy immune system means that our body can effectively fight off bacteria, fungus, and any other foreign invaders that could potentially harm our skin.

This mineral also helps balance blood sugar levels which is a contributing factor to acne. This has been shown through people who eat a high-glycemic diet as this type of diet causes insulin resistance which increases inflammation, oil production in the skin, and risk of obesity and heart disease. (6)

By lowering blood sugar and keeping it a balanced level, sebum production will be regulated and the body will have less inflammation and acne.

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine)

NAC is a natural form of sulfur. There are many skin care products on the market that contain sulfur because of it's ability to kill bacteria, smoothens skin, and tightens pores.

NAC is different from organic sulfur in that it is an amino acid and has a higher bioavailability so it is absorbed into the body more quickly.

It increases glutathione which is the most powerful antioxidant for the body. It is vital to human health for numerous reasons including boosting immune system, decreasing inflammation, helps detox the liver, prevents premature again, and fights cancer.

The lower the amount of NAC in the body, the lower the amount of glutathione there is.

Because NAC is a powerful detoxifier, it can help remove toxins in our body which can reduce pimples, wrinkles, and dark spots. It improves the health of our cells which can give us nicer looking skin.

This study showed that when patients took N-Aceytl-Cysteine they had increased glutathione levels and decreased inflammatory acne.


Co-Enzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that is helpful in regenerating skin cells which prevent early signs of aging like wrinkles because it helps the body produce collagen. Collagen is the protein found in the skin which gives it it's shape and elasticity.

As we get older our levels of CO-Q10 naturally become decreased which can cause sagging and wrinkly skin as well as increased inflammation.


Piperine is a form of black pepper which has anti-inflammatory effects and can be helpful in the decrease of blemishes for this reason.

Piperine also increases the bioavailability of each of the ingredients in this stack so that they are more easily absorbed and therefore have a higher potency.

Where Can You Buy Acnetame?

You can buy Acnetame at the following online marketplaces:

This specific formulation of Acnetame was removed from Amazon. As it is no longer on Amazon US you can only buy this formulation from a few other websites.

If you make a purchase from the acnetame site you can contact the company for a free bottle coupon.

It cannot be bought in stores like Vitamin Shoppe, Target, CVS or Walgreens, but can be bought on the Walmart website and picked up in the store. When I saw they were selling on Walmart I actually used this option and picked it up from a Walmart near me.

How can you order Acnetame outside of the US? Simply visit as there is international shipping available on their website to countries including UAE, Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Japan, China, Denmark, Ireland, India, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

Acnetame can also be found online under the name "Addrena Acnetame" as the brand name is Addrena.

The company that sells this product also sells one called "Addrena" which is an energy, focus, and fat loss supplement. They also sell a non-stimulant fat burner supplements called "No-Stim". Addrena, Acnetame, and No-Stim are all different products.

If you live in the United Kingdom and have an Amazon account you can check out Blemless from this same brand. If you are a Prime member you will receive your bottle in as little as two days.

Acnetame and Birth Control

Acnetame should not have any interactions with birth control, but there are so many different types that it is important you check with your doctor beforehand.

Some birth control may cause acne that is hormonal and perhaps Acnetame could be a good supplement to help subside these symptoms.

I have read in reviews that women take it after they have been pregnant as pregnancy can cause hormonal breakouts as well.

Does Acnetame Have Any Side Effects?

I have not experienced side effects from taking this product other than dry lips if I take a high dose for many days in a row.

Some people have complained about nausea when taking it on an empty stomach, but like any supplement it is recommended to take it with food to increase the absorption and digestion. I personally take it on an empty stomach every time because I fast and have never had a problem.

Some customers have also complained about the pill size, but the pills are actually constructed to be an easy to swallow pill because they are rounded and very compacted. I did not have a problem swallowing them.

Acnetame safety is a big selling point when compared to other products and treatments which have side effects that can harm your health. You can be sure with Acnetame that you are taking natural and quality ingredients which have studies backing their effectiveness.

Is Acnetame FDA Approved?

Acnetame contains ingredients which individually are FDA-approved.


Like any other supplement, it is always recommended to read the labels, warnings, and directions so you can take the product properly without experiencing and problems.

Acnetame vs. ClearZine

Many people wonder if Acnetame or ClearZine is better for clearing breakouts. If you are wondering which one is better from an ingredient standpoint then Acnetame is the better choice as it contains ingredients which are specifically formulated for hormonal acne and are added in at the correct dosage.

ClearZine acne pills contains some similar ingredients like Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Biotin, Chromium, Selenium, and Co-Q10, but also contains two ingredients in Horsetail Extract and Witch Hazel Leaf which are not that effective for specifically helping acne.

Did I have better results with ClearZine vs Acnetame? I actually gained more results with Acnetame and had less negative side effects because my pimple went away faster and I did not experience any new breakouts. You can read in my ClearZine review that I mentioned I experienced more breakouts from those pills.

Acnetame vs Murad

The Acnetame tablets compared to the Murad acne pills are much smaller in size and are easier to swallow. They are also a light color and the Murad pills are dark brown. 

Murad contains diuretics which help to flush excess water and toxins out of the body. This may be detrimental as you need to remain hydrated otherwise you can experience increased urination, cracky joints, and dehydration. Acnetame does not have this effect, but it is still important to drink plenty of water to avoid dryness of the skin.

Is Acnetame vs Murad the better choice? We recommend Acnetame as it's ingredients will help hormonal acne more than Murad. We search people search Acnetame vs Dim in Google also and the two products can work together to help acne. We suggest Estrohalt Dim supplement if you want combine the two. 

CONCLUSION: Does Acnetame Work?

So, does Acnetame actually work?! Acnetame vitamin supplements for acne treatment may work differently for everyone. Every person reacts to supplements differently so some may see results within the first couple of days while others may only start seeing results after 30 days. It all depends on the severity of your acne, your hormone levels, and your diet as well.

For best results with Acnetame it should be taken consistently as some people may need time for it to build up in their system.

Is Acnetame legit? Play around with your dose to see what is best for your skin. If you feel that four pills a day is drying out your skin too much simply lower the dose, but if you feel that two pills is not drying out your skin enough then you can increase your dose.

Our diet plays a role in the development of acne which many people often overlook. Many times we are not aware of the hidden sugars and carbohydrate content of foods which are both factors that contribute to hormonal breakouts. Another way we can reduce blemishes is by limiting our consumption of dairy as it is another culprit that causes inflammatory breakouts.

Conclusíon En Español- Para Que Sirve?

Acnetame funciona para ayudar a algunas personas con su piel grasa, acné hormonal y espinillas. Lea la reseña de Acne Tame en español aquí.

Does Acnetame work for your skin? If you think this was one of the best acne pills reviews please leave a comment below!