Skinphoria Review- Any Side Effects? UPDATED 2023

skinphoria reviews

Skinphoria supplement reviews online are mostly positive, but does this product have side effects as well?

The natural skin clarifying supplement is promoted to reduce a blitz of pimples, decrease oily skin, and improve the appearance of acne scars. You can purchase it online for $39.00.

One main factor to note about this product is that you will experience "Niacin Flush" which may be scary and uncomfortable for some people. Read more about niacin flush in the ingredient section below.

Skinphoria Reviews

skinphoria review

Health Kandy on Amazon is close to 50 reviews with a 4.2 out of 5 star rating. Below is the top positive review and the top critical review.

I'm humbled as I write this because for over a decade I struggled with acne, very oily skin and tired looking skin. I have tried almost every product on the market including some prescription medications and nothing has cleared my skin as well as Health Kandy. Like others have mentioned, the niacin flush can be very intense and even scary if you don't expect it! but with food and water it has actually started to feel refreshing. It gets milder the longer you take the supplements! I promise! And on a full stomach and with plenty of water it can even feel relaxing. My sleep has even improved since I started taking the supplement before bed. It's funny because I used to take a multivitamin with niacin and zinc several months ago and I did not have this acne-clearing effect. It's something about the total combination and likely the quality and purity of the ingredients that make this work.. but my skin is clearing up, the oilyness is gone and my skin looks 10 years younger! I wish I had known about this product earlier! I will definitely be purchasing again.

Cindy M, "Life-changing!"

I was so hopeful from the other positive reviews. Initially I felt like it was helping. The Niacin flush was pretty bad. I was concerned that it was an allergic reaction. My skin turned beet red and was itchy. It got better but I had to have a full stomach and lots of water. The 3rd-4th week I started getting cyctic red pimples where I usually don't get them. And they won't go away. They just are hard red bumps. Also I noticed my hair feeling thinner. It just is not worth $40 to me to have more acne and less hair. I would not recommend.

Amazon Customer, "Made it worse."

What are the Ingredients?


Niacin may help improve flexibility and elasticity of the skin and may also decrease overall inflammation which helps to reduce acne lesions.

Niacin is also known as Vitamin B3 and when taken with other B-vitamins their effectiveness is greater. There is a large amount of Niacin already in this product which makes the product strong and gives the user "Niacin Flush". This occurs when high amounts of Niacin are taken and makes the skin red and causes an itching or burning feeling. It is harmless and only temporary.


Zinc can become poisonous when taken in large doses. In addition, it can interfere with the way the body utilizes iron and aluminum. It may also interfere with specific antibiotics and drugs as it might reduce the efficacy.

There are numerous men and women who take zinc for acne however studies show that it raises testosterone which is the androgen that aids in the growth of pimples.

Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate)

One way to avoid breakouts is by having a healthy immune system. Chromium is a mineral that helps ensure that our body is able to effectively fight off germs and fungus which may compromise our health.

Chromium also helps to control blood glucose levels. This has been proven through individuals who consume a high-glycemic diet because this kind of diet induces insulin resistance that increases inflammation, oil production from the epidermis, and danger of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

By lowering blood glucose and keeping it a more balanced degree, sebum production is going to be controlled and the body will have less inflammation and acne.

health kandy skinphoria

Skinphoria supplement capsules

L- Lysine (as L-Lysine Hydrochloride)

L-Lysine is an amino acid that's vital for our health, but our body cannot naturally make it which is why it's crucial to get it out of supplementation and food.

A lot of men and women utilize Lysine for viral problems like cold sores, but it's beneficial for our skin since amino acids are the building blocks of protein and protein is required to help cure our skin.

Lysine alongside other amino acids may boost collagen production that helps reinforce the skin and protect it from cancerous tissues, toxins, and bacteria that might ultimately cause breakouts.


L-Proline is another amino acid which is necessary for the human body to work. Much like Lysine, Proline leads to collagen production too. It functions best to increase skin tissues when taken in conjunction with vitamin B6, vitamin C, and Niacin.


The third amino acid in Skinphoria is L-Thronine. It helps support bone and liver health as well as the production of connective tissue. It has the ability to produce collagen therefore making skin, hair, and nails elastic, strong, and smooth.

What are the Possible Side Effects?

Skinphoria supplement reviews mention Niacin Flush as a side effect, but it goes away within time. Other reviews also mention more acne, headaches, hair thinning, and no results at all.

CONCLUSION: Is The Niacin Flush Worth It?

Skinphoria supplement reviews are mixed as some people have seen great results from the product while others had bad reactions like more acne and hair thinning.

Pros & Cons


  • May decrease size of pimples
  • May help smoothen out skin
  • Decreased oily skin


  • Niacin may cause skin to become irritated
  • Increased acne
  • Hair thinning has been reported
  • No results may be experienced

It can be scary to experience a Niacin flush which may make people not want to take this supplement for acne. You may want to give it a shot if you have exhausted every other option to try and get clear skin. For max results we suggest you check out Acnetame. When comparing Acnetame vs Skinphoria you will see that Acnetame is the far superior product. 

As a note upon researching this brand we realized that “Skinphoria” is also the name of a popular spa in Melbourne, Australia. There does not seem to be any connection between the supplement for acne and the spa. If you are looking for a skin clarification in Australia we recommend you check out Blemless.