Skin Accumax Review- Does it Cause Side Effects?

skin accumax review

What is Skin Accumax?

The supplement by Advanced Nutrition Program is designed to help clear complexion and improve problem skin. It is suitable for anyone from 16 years of age to adult.

This clear skin formula may have possible benefits for:

  • Problem skin 
  • Clarifying complexion 
  • Supporting overall skin health
  • Rosacea

    Many people want to know the different between Skin Accumax vs Accutane. One is a supplement and the other is a drug only available by prescription. Accumax is for for mild acne and Accutane is an antibiotic for severe breakouts.
  • Skin Accumax Jane Iredale Reviews

    The majority of testimonials can be found on the company website. Most of them are women who have seen results after a few months of consistently taking the supplement.

    Some of the bad reviews mentioned a skin purge, bloated stomach, no results at all, and too expensive. You can find some before and after photos online on websites such as Reddit.

    They also have 3 critiques on Amazon UK with the most recent being from 2021.

    Skin Accumax Negative Side Effects

    We read testimonials from users who experienced adverse side effects such as worsening skin as well as gas and bloating. They were upset they used a product that did not work and was also expensive.

    skin accumax before and after

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    Skin Accumax Ingredients

    There is conflicting information between the ingredients on their site and in the Amazon UK listing as the website lists DIM as ingredient, but it is left out from the UK Amazon page.

    Amazon UK: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Tricalcium phosphate, Phosphatidyl Choline

    Website: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Diindolylmethane (DIM), Phosphatidyl Choline

    The two ingredients in this stack that may be helpful for hormonal breakouts are Vitamin A and DIM, but there is a small amount of each that you may not see drastic results. These ingredients do not make it a clear skin probiotic.

    If you are looking for a DIM supplement or acne vitamin we suggest checking out Estrohalt and Acnetame which are both effective for hormonal acne.

    How Long Does Skin Accumax Take to Work?

    The company recommends starting with two capsules twice a day for at least 3 months (14 week reset). After this time you could either lower the dose or continue to take the two pill dose for potentially increased results.

    How many a day? It is suggested to not exceed 4 pills per day as you may be prone to more side effects.

    Where to Buy?

    You can find Accumax on their website as well as the Amazon US & UK marketplaces. There are pots that contain 60, 120, 180, and 400 capsules and range from £45-£195. You may also be able to find a starter pack on their website.

    For the money we think Acnetame or Blemless is a better option and has the best price. You can find these products in multiple sizes such as 30, 60, 120, and 180 counts.

    If you want to purchase it in stores you could check out Holland & Barrett as well as Meaghers pharmacy.

    Who Shouldn't Take It?

    This product shouldn't be taken during pregnancy or plan on becoming pregnant.

     Headaches could occur in those who already have low estrogen as that is a side effect of DIM.

    If you are experiencing hair loss you should discontinue it indefinitely.

    CONCLUSION: Does it Work?

    Some people may see results and it could be worth a try. It has pretty good reviews on the web, but we think there are better products out there like Acnetame which is highly rated online.