Anti Acne Club Supplement Review- Any Side Effects?

anti acne club reviews

Anti acne club acne pill reviews Are found online, but do they actually work?

Our anti acne club supplement review will give you the information you need to know to understand if it's right for you. You will learn about the ingredients, possible side effects, and other customer testimonials we have found.

How does it work?

The Anti-Acne Club acne pills are formulated to provide hormonal balance, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cell regeneration effects.

Hormonal imbalance is an important and often overlooked factor in regards to clear skin. To help the body process hormones and promote healthy sebum production, DIM is added to this supplement stack.

Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Zinc are also added as they may be helpful for reducing inflammation and maintaining skin elasticity. However, we are not sure if the amount of each ingredient is enough to provide these effects.

We recommend Acne Tame as the best acne pills.

Anti Acne Club Reviews

You cannot find reviews on Amazon or Walmart as they are not sold on those marketplaces. Some reviews can also be found on Reddit and Trustpilot by people who have taken the supplement and experienced good and bad effects.

The majority of their reviews are on their company website. The review page shows a full 5 star rating with almost 1000 reviews.

As they own the website they can manipulate the reviews how they like so we cannot be sure what is true or false.

Before and after photos can be found on their website as many people have found success using the anti acne club acne pill.

Although the majority of the reviews are positive, Anti Acne Club does have bad reviews. As mentioned in one testimonial the customer did not see any change in their acne.

A Google verified customer had a very bad experience with the acne pills. Their review is shown in the image below.

I have since gone to my GP who has started me on antibiotics which are working on reversing the harm of the last months. 


The anti acne club ingredients may help balance hormones, provide elasticity to the skin, as well as reduce inflammation.

DIM (Diindolymethane) - 200mg
DIM can be found naturally in vegetables like broccoli and cabbage, and has many health benefits.

It could help symptoms of estrogen dominance which is a condition causing excess estrogen. Too much estrogen can cause side effects like acne, fatigue, irritability and fat gain.

This pill for acne may not be suitable for those with already low estrogen levels.

Coconut Oil Powder - 350mg
It can be used to moisturize and reduce inflammation. Coconut oil is good for all skin types. It is added to some supplements as a fat source in conjunction with other vitamins.

Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) - 100mg
We do not think there is enough b5 in this acne pill to have a profound effect on acne as it works best when taken in large doses of at least 750mg.

Acne supplements that contain this much of pantothenic acid are Acnetame and Blemless.

Selenium - 200mg
Selenium is a vital nutrient for skin health as it has been shown to increase glutathione which helps reduce inflammation.

Zinc - 25mg
Zinc may be helpful for some, but studies have shown it increases testosterone which is the prominent androgen that produces breakouts.

Vitamin D - 1000iu
Vitamin D is helpful for skin and acne but is best obtained through sunlight.

Vitamin E - 10mg
Vitamin E is known for being a strong antioxidant however works best when applied topically. There isn't enough mg of this ingredient to have a potent effect.

Vitamin C - 50mg
Vitamin C helps boost our immune systems which in turn helps our skin on the outside. Taking vitamin C specially for acne may not produce any results.

Vitamin A - 600 mcg
Vitamin A is important for skin health and is added to many acne products in the form of retinol.

Copper - 2mg
Many anti-aging products contain copper because it improves skin's elasticity, wrinkle prevention, and fine lines. Copper is essential for skin regeneration. 2mg of copper may not be enough to have a profound effect.

Black Pepper - 5mg
Piperine, a type of black pepper, has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to reduce blemishes. Piperine increases the bioavailability and potency of all the ingredients.

Side Effects

It is possible that Anti Acne Club could cause a purging effect when you first start taking it. DIM could have this effect in some people as they rid excess estrogen. 

DIM in an acne product can cause a decrease in the number of people who can use it. As diindolylmethane has a hormonal impact on the body it may cause missed periods in women, joint pain, and hair loss.

It is a wonderful ingredient for decreasing estrogen, but if you already have low estrogen this product could cause unwanted side effects.

Although added in at a low dose, zinc could also cause acne in some people as it increases testosterone which is an androgen known for pimple development.

What other side effects could one experience from Anti Acne Club?

Most people may experience dark urine when taking this product because of the ingredient DIM. This is a harmless side effect and could mean the supplement is helping deplete unwanted estrogen from the body. 

We also see this effect from Estrohalt which is a best selling estrogen blocker pill on Amazon.

Where is it Sold?

It is not sold on Amazon or Walmart as you can only purchase it from their website.

When you purchase from the website there is free shipping and a money back guarantee. Be sure to read the fine print as:

  1. You must purchase 3 bottles for the claim to take effect.
  2. You must be a US or UK customer.
  3. The minimum and maximum claim is 3 bottles. If you were to purchase 6 bottles for example, you would only get refunded for 3.
  4. You must pay return shipping which is not refundable.

A discount code can be applied at checkout however we are unaware of any promotional codes at the time being.

Anti Acne Club vs Botanycl

Many people ask what the difference is between these two supplements sold in the UK. We have reviewed Botanycal which you can read here.

They are similar in that they contain  hormonal balancing ingredients such as DIM & Saw Palmetto. The side effects could be the same as DIM & Saw Palmetto may not be suitable for those with already low estrogen.

Anti Acne Club


  • Vegan, gluten & allergen free
  • Contains Dim
  • Contains 11 ingredients 
  • 60 capsules/30 servings
  • Vegan, gluten & allergen free
  • Contains Saw Palmetto
  • Contains 6 ingredients
  • 60 capsules/30 servings

CONCLUSION: So What Pills Cure Acne?

Unfortunately there are no pills that cure acne as that is impossible. We can take supplements such as Anti Acne Club which may help combat the symptoms, but firstly we must ensure we are maintaining a healthful life. The lifestyle choices we make and our eating habits will reflect upon our skin.

We think the Anti Acne Club acne supplement is worth a shot as it has helped some people, but compared to other products such as Acnetame it does not have a well formulated ingredient list.

We'd love to hear your experience with this product or Acne Tame in the comments below. What do you think are the best acne pills?