Acnetane Review- Can You Trust this Knockoff Supplement?

acnetane pills review

Acnetane Reviews ARE ONLINE, BUT is it just a FAKE knockoff?

This Acnetane review will tell you what you need to know. We have done our research on this product and will tell you if this supplement actually works or if it really is just a knock off of another well known product.

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Acne Tame is a trustworthy brand that produces results.

Does Acnetane Work?

Acnetane is a supplement promoted to completely get rid of acne which is an unbelievable claim as there are no products which totally eliminate acne from all people. In truth, this product doesn't help as it is a low quality imitation of a prescription medication known as Isotretinoin.

Acnetane is the name of a prescription drug in South Africa with this ingredient. Nutriissa, the company which makes this knockoff, is marketing this product as an alternative to a prescription medication named "Accutane." 

The product name could also be a knockoff of a successful natural supplement named Acnetame that actually works, unlike this impostor "Acnetane" that you should stay away from.

Acnetane Reviews

An Amazon review from October 31 2021 explains how Acnetane is nothing like Acne Tame in that they broke out every day and their face was sore and red.

acnetane review amazon

The reviews seem quite sketchy on their product as the reviews contain strange language and spelling. Real reviewers also don't mention a brand's website the way this supposed reviewer does. One review said that the positive reviews are from people who got the product for free.


We don't believe that any customer would ever spell "ACNEtane" in this specific way with the word "Acne" capitalized and we happened to see this in MANY reviews. Some screenshots of this can be seen below.

acnetane review
acnetane reviews

Another way the reviews may be fake is because on the question and answer page the seller answered a question and typed the product name as “ACNEtane” as shown below.

acnetane reviews
acnetane pill

Ingredients in Acnetane

The ingredients aren’t added in at the proper amounts and could cause side effects. You also need to choke down 3 of these massive pills which is unrealistic. 

At best one would need to take six pills a day to receive any minor results. This can become frustrating and annoying to have to remember to take this amount per day. 

There are much better options than this product available that actually work for clearing skin naturally. 

Many of the ingredients in this stack are ripped off from Acnetame. Acnetame actually has the correct milligrams per serving and you can take half a pill per day to see results.

  • Vitamin A
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)
  • Biotin
  • Selenium
  • Chromium
  • L-Carnitine
  • NAC, Co-enzyme Q10, Bioperine as a proprietary blend.
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Can You Get Side Effects?

As the company itself is in question we also question the effectiveness of the ingredients, manufacturing, and the potential side effects that may occur.

Some side effects may include more acne and diarrhea if mega-dosing is done, which most customers would need because the product is weak. 

You may not even see any results at all which is a waste of time and money.

Where To Buy

The Acnetane pills are not worth buying and we recommend purchasing Acnetame instead. Acnetame has over 6100 ratings because it is a proven winner unlike sad knock offs like Acnetane. 

Who Makes This Knockoff "Acnetane?"

Acnetane is made by a mostly unknown company named Nutriissa which sells two other products. We also do not recommend their product named Propiciar which is targeted for hair loss. Propiciar is another knockoff name of a prescription drug known as "Propecia".

Besides this they also sell a "Cycle Support" supplement meant for people on anabolic steroids.

Nutriissa is based out of Miami, Florida and they don't have a working website.

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Pros & Cons


  • We don't believe there are any “pros” to taking this supplement or trusting this company. 


The cons include;

  • side effects
  • wasted time
  • wasted money
  • no effect on acne
  • need to take multiple pills at once

CONCLUSION: Should You Trust This Company?

Nutriisa is a very new small company which little is known about them and we personally do not trust them. Because they have scammy tendencies the safe bet is to avoid them at all cost. 

The strength of these capsules is weak with the chances of actually getting results slim to none. Taking a bigger dose may result in diarrhea and other side effects from this low quality product.

Run away from this impostor and get yourself a real product that actually works. You can read more about a pill that really does work and is safe here in this Acnetame review