Nolvadren XT Review- Does it Cause Side Effects?

nolvadren xt review

There are NOLVADREN XT reviews online, but are these pills really an advanced testosterone booster or can you get side effects?

nolvadren xt reviews bodybuilding

What are the benefits?

Nolvadren XT By Man Sports may have benefits on boosting testosterone, controlling estrogen, and reducing cortisol.

Is Nolvadren XT a steroid? No, it is a supplement that could be taken after a cycle.

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Nolvadren XT Reviews from Customers

Some Amazon testimonials mention not seeing results or noticing any difference. On Reddit one user said they didn't notice a difference after one bottle, but no side effects were experienced either.

In relation to bodybuilding men have said it helps power their lifts and they feel stronger. People said the old formula was better for effects on testosterone and blocking estrogen to help gyno.

Side Effects of Nolvadren XT

Adverse reactions such as headaches, muscle tightness, and nausea have been reported. Negative reactions can be associated with the dose and if you are sensitive to the ingredients.

What are the Nolvadren Ingredients?

  • Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract and Pine Bark Extract- these ingredients lack human research, but may increase testosterone and have anti-estrogenic properties as shown in studies conducted on male and female rats.

  • Diindolylmethane- DIM is commonly used for balancing estrogen levels. I recommend checking out Estrohalt if you are looking to lower estradiol levels and improve test results as shown in this testimonial.

  • 3Beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-En-17-One- also known as 5-DHEA which is a prohormone (converts into a hormone when ingested) that is marketed as a testosterone booster.

The old formula of Nolvadren XT contained different ingredients such as

  • Androsta-3, 5-Diene-7, 17-Dione (arimistane)
  • 7-Hydroxy 17b-Dihydro Dehydroepiandrosterone
  • 7-Hydroxy Dehydroepiandrosterone

What is the Dosage?

There are 56 caps per bottle and the serving size is 2 capsules. There are 28 total servings which won't last a full month unfortunately.

You are instructed to take 2 powder capsules with your first meal. You shouldn't take more than 3 capsules per day as it can cause side effects. DIM is strong on its own and depending on your size you may need to take less than the recommended dose.

Is Nolvadren XT Safe?

It could be a good idea to take a joint supplement to counteract negative effects. It is also important to stay hydrated and not cut your sodium too much as that can lead to the muscle aches.

Can you take Nolvadren XT PCT?

You can take it as a PCT (post cycle therapy), but some people suggest using it for cutting and leaning down instead. Some people will stack Nolvadren XT and Delta XT for PCT for a better effect.

If you are looking for a PCT supplement check out Estrohalt as it has reviews showing its effectiveness.

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Best Price & Where to Buy

The old formula of Nolvadren XT used to be sold at Vitamin Shoppe. Now you can buy it on Amazon and from the brand site.

Price on amazon


One bottle is $33.50

One bottle is $49.99

No Subscribe & Save option or coupons

No discounts on multiple bottles.

Free Prime shipping.

Shipping not free.

Pros & Cons

  1. For men and women.
  2. May help with water bloat.
  3. May assist in fat burning.
  1. Not a full month supply.
  2. As it is a capsule it is harder to judge the strength unlike Estrohalt which is a tablet that you can break in half.
  3. New formula may not be as effective as the old formula.

Final Takeaway: Is it a Good Testosterone Booster?

Nolvadren XT can be helpful for some people and we think it is worth a try. It doesn't have verified reviews showing test results on low testosterone and high estrogen levels therefore we suggest checking out Estrohalt.