DIM ELITE Review- Does it Cause Side Effects? UPDATED 2023

dim elite review

DIM Elite Extra Strength is promoted for estrogen balance IN REVIEWS, but can the ingredients cause side effects?

Evolved Organics DIM Elite may help with menopause symptoms, PCOS, and hormonal acne in men and women. We looked into the ingredients and possible side effects to let you know how effective the the product is.

What are the Benefits of a DIM Supplement & What's It Used For? 

DIM is a botanical used by people who need to balance their estrogen due to estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance simply means there is too much estrogen in the body.

Signs of estrogen dominance include spots, fatigue, irritability, and fat gain around the abdominal area. Men specifically can also experience fat gain around the breasts (gynecomastia).

Does DIM lower testosterone?

Testosterone is naturally found in both men and women and we need healthy levels in order for proper balance of our other hormones. DIM supports testosterone through its effects on estrogen metabolism to maintain free testosterone.

Is DIM bad for your thyroid?

There are no studies showing that DIM is bad for the thyroid. If anything, DIM may help thyroid output as estrogen dominance plays a role in the functioning of the thyroid gland. This is why people who are estrogen dominant may experience weight gain and low energy.

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Does DIM Elite Have Side Effects?

Side effects of DIM supplements are common and may include headaches, dehydration, as well as joint pain, aching, or cracking.

Side effects mentioned in DIM Elite reviews on Amazon include an irregular menstrual cycle, insomnia, increased acne, and hair loss.

Women who are pregnant or who are trying to become pregnant should not take DIM as it lowers estrogen and may make becoming pregnant difficult.

DIM Elite Extra Strength Reviews

DIM supplement reviews on Amazon in general are mixed as people take DIM for different reasons. For example, some women take it for menopause and PCOS and some men take it as PCT and for reducing excess body fat.

We found that most Elite DIM reviews were positive in that the product works as described for balancing hormones. On the other hand, the high dose of DIM could be detrimental to someone who already has low estrogen and could cause side effects.

First 5 days of taking DIM woke up with smooth face no new breakout, had more energy, slept without a sleeping pill, went 2 weeks with no back ache, bloating is history, my period came with no pain announcing its arrival, & less menstrual flow. Started with a pill daily had headache 3 days and none since then.
Do yourself a favor and only take this is you know that your Estrogen in high. I took these and they messed up my cycle. I have stopped and my body is still trying to regulate itself.

Are the DIM Elite Ingredients Effective?

Along with Diindolymethane the supplement also contains Vitamin E, Dong Quai, and Bioperine.

  • Vitamin E (as D-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate)
    There is very little proof however it is suggested that vitamin E may aid in the prevention of breast cancer and lowering estrogen. DIM is considered a lipophilic compound meaning it dissolves in fats and oils. Vitamin E may help with the bioavailability of DIM as it is fat-soluble.
  • Dong Quai
    Dong Quai has been called "female ginseng" as it has been used in traditional medicine for fatigue and irregular menstrual cycles. Studies have shown that it has estrogenic properties in regards to estrogen sensitive and insensitive breast cancer.
    Additionally, a small study found that menopausal women who took Dong Quai along with other herbs such as milk thistle, black cohosh, and red clover for three months saw a reduction in hot flashes.
  • Bioperine
    Bioperine comes from black pepper extract and helps the absorption of B-vitamins. It may or may not be effective for the absorption of DIM as it is not a B-vitamin.
pills for acne

Acne pills like Acnetame along with DIM may be helpful for hormonal breakouts.

These ingredients may help some people combat their estrogen symptoms however they could cause adverse reactions.

  1. Bioperine is a from of black pepper which may aggravate the skin as it has an inflammatory reaction in some people.
  2. Dong Quai is generally considered safe, but side effects such as bloating, diarrhea, and headache have been reported.
  3. Vitamin E may be more potent when used topically rather than taken orally.

Pros & Cons


  • Vegan, GMO-free, gluten free.
  • May help both men and women.
  • 120 capsules & 60 day supply.


  • Some ingredients may not be effective.
  • DIM can be strong for some people and capsules can't be broken in half to first judge the strength.
  • Some reviewers have said the pills have an odor.
  • Only contains one estrogen blocker.

CONCLUSION: Is It the Best DIM Supplement?

After researching the testimonials and ingredients we believe DIM Elite may possibly be a product which you test out yourself. If you want to try another product we suggest that you check out Estrohalt because the ingredients may be more effective.

Which estrogen blockers have you tried and what's been your experience with these sorts of products? Tell us in the comment section below.