HRI Clear Complexion Tablets Review- UPDATED 2021

hri clear complexion tablets 60

There are HRI Clear Complexion pills reviews online, but can the ingredients cause side effects?

What Are The Tablets Used For?

As the name suggests, the tablets are used for clearing your complexion. Those with spots and blemishes may see relief when using this product.

The herbal ingredients may also help some with eczema and other skin issues. Both men and women can use this product as well.

HRI Clear Complexion Tablets Review & Price

Amazon UK

On Amazon UK the Clear Complexion pills have a total of 61 testimonials and a star rating of 4.1 out of 5.

For one pack of 60 acne treatment tablets the price is 5.38 Euro with free shipping to customers in London and throughout the UK.

You also have the choice to purchase packs of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12.

Blemless tablets can be purchased in the UK as well and are our top choice for skin clarification supplements. It is also available on Amazon AU.

Amazon US

On Amazon US, the HRI Clear Complexion pills have only one review that was posted back in 2014. It is a 5 star review which says that this product made a difference in the customer's skin and provided relief in two weeks.

It is sold as single 60 tablet pack and the price on Amazon US is $9.99 with free shipping, but not eligible for Prime two-day shipping.​

If you are interested in reading more reviews you can find some on reddit.

blemless uk


"These actually work! I used these as a last resort when antibiotics failed me. However I did change my diet around and ate healthier. Recommend both for clearing skin up!"


"Doesn't work! Gave me more."

Do The HRI Clear Complexion Tablets Have Side Effects?

Some side effects that you may be encountered are:

  1. Increased urination as Burdock Root and Blue Flag are diuretics.
  2. Possible bloating effect if the user does not drink enough water. Although it is a diuretic, if not enough water is consumed the body will retain fluids so that it does not get dehydrated.
  3. The ingredients may increase breakouts especially if the user does not practice good nutrition.

We are surprised that a spot product contains sugar. If you are unaware of the side effects of sugar, we have listed a few below.

sugar side effects


Increase hunger, weight gain, and obesity



Alzheimer's and other disease that affect the brain (1)

Increased blood glucose

High blood pressure

Fatigue and body ache


Other side effects to be aware of:

Do not take if you are allergic to Burdock, Blue Flag, or other plants part of the Asteraceae family including marigold, artichoke, or daisies.

Do not take if you have infected or inflamed skin sores.

Children 12 years old or younger can not take this product.

Do not take during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Anaphylactic shock is a condition that has been reported from Burdock Root use. This is an allergic reaction that causes dizziness and difficulty breathing.

Blue Flag may cause nausea and vomiting.

For these potential issues we recommend you check with your doctor before taking the product or if you notice any sign of these side effects.

There are many warnings associated with this product so please be sure to read all of the labels and directions when taking this supplement.

What Are The HRI Clear Complexion Ingredients?

Each coated tablet only contains two main ingredients in Burdock Root Extract and Blue Flag Iris Rhizome.



Burdock Root Extract (Arctium Lappa L.)

34 mg

Blue Flag Iris Rhizome (Iris versicolor L.)

30 mg

What is Burdock Root?

Burdock root is a traditional herbal ingredient used to detoxify the body by increasing urination.

Traditionally it has been used for acne, psoriasis and eczema as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which may help kill bacteria that causes acne as well as prevent future breakouts.

There is insufficient evidence showing the effectiveness of Burdock root on these skin issues, but a study done on the topical use of Burdock and Vitamin A showed that both of them together helped reduce wrinkles. (2)

burdock root
Similarly, after a 4-week treatment with an A. lappa fruit extract-containing formulation, wrinkle volume in the crow's feet area was significantly reduced as compared to treatment with the vehicle.

What is Blue Flag iris rhizome?​

Blue Flag is also a detoxifier that helps increase urination and the production of bile. Bile helps to aid in proper digestion and regulates the intestines so that you are keeping the "good" bacteria inside your body. The liver also uses bile to help rid the body of unwanted toxins. (3)

Detoxification may help skin issues like acne, eczema, and psoriasis because the body will become less inflamed. Blue flag has been used traditionally to help these skin problems, but there is a lack of scientific evidence actually proving that it works.

The other secondary ingredients are what make up the core of the tablet. Those include:


Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate

Croscarmellose Sodium

Magnesium Stearate

Purifed Talc

Colloidal Hydrated Silica​

There are also other ingredients which make up the actual coating of the tablet which are:


Calcium Carbonate

Purified Talc

Mastercote Cream FP9002 (containing beeswax, shellac, carnauba wax)


Titanium Dioxide (E171)


There is a huge red flag with this product by looking at these ingredients. The red flag is SUCROSE! If you are aware of what sucrose is, it's sugar. Sugar in the diet provides a low chance of acne being helped.

It is questionable for a brands like this company to be adding sugar into their product because of the negative side effects that it possesses.

HRI Clear Complexion Tablets Dosage

The dosage is one tablet per day, but the directions say you can take a double dosage or even up to three tablets a day depending on the severity of your skin. For mild acne it is probably best to start with one tablet per day.

Where Can You Buy The HRI Clear Complexion Tablets?

hri tablets

The HRI Clear complexion tablets can be bought from Amazon in the USA and the UK.

We see the HRI Clear Complexion tablets having new offers on eBay as well, but for a very expensive price.

You can also find the tablets in store from Boots, Tesco, Holland and Barrett, and Sainsbury's which are health food stores, groceries, and pharmacies found throughout the UK.

You can shop in their stores if you live in the United Kingdom, but you can also purchase HRI directly through their site which has delivery to Ireland as well. You do not need a pharmacist when shopping for this product.

HRI Clear Complexion tablets are not sold on the Superdrug website, only the HRI water balance tablets are sold on there.

Can You Get Results From The HRI Clear Complexion Tablets?

Some will ask "what does it mean to have a clear complexion?". A clear complexion is having a face that is smooth, not dry, does not have oil, and is not dsicolored in any way. This can be obtained with the right natural or synthetic medicines, cutting out dairy like milk products, and getting enough sleep.

Some results that customers have mentioned when taking these tablets may include a clearer complexion, less oily skin and less acne on the face and back.

For best results with this product it is important to eat mindfully as some customers mentioned in their review. This means to watch your sugar, dairy, and carbohydrate intake​ as these foods exacerbate acne.

You will experience better results when taking topical products as well as mentioned in customer reviews from men and women.

HRI Clear Complexion tablets before and after

As mentioned in previous reviews, we do not add before and after images because you can not be sure what is real or not on the internet. 


When you take this product you can not be sure if the ingredients will affect you negatively or not as there is not enough scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of the herbal ingredients on skin problems like acne. You may also have to take it for an extended amount of time before you see results. 30 days may not be enough time to judge the effectiveness. We do not feel it is an effective natural cure.

Some natural beauty supplements have the ability to help hair and nail growth, but this product will not help improve those benefits.



Helps detoxify the body

Increases urination

May help eczema and psoriasis as well as acne

May increase acne

​May help overall complexion

Lack of evidence supporting the ingredients

The price is inexpensive

​Contains sugar

There is a possibility that the user may react negatively, but it is also possible that the user may 100% respond well to it. It all depends on the person as we are all individuals and respond to natural medicine differently.

Some tips to help reduce inflammation and acne spots are to eliminate sugar intake, increase water consumption, reduce dairy from your diet, and stay active.

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