Harvey and Coco Complexion Rehab Review- UPDATED

The Harvey & Coco Complexion Rehab supplement has positive reviews online, but can the ingredients cause side effects?

The Harvey & Coco collagen skin tablets are promoted on Amazon UK to help wrinkles, crow's feet, dark circles, and joint pain. There are many collagen supplement reviews for skin online so we wanted to find out why Harvey and Coco is so popular in the UK.

How Does Complexion Rehab Work?

Complexion Rehab supplies the skin with the critical nutrients it needs to help maintain a healthy complexion. Regular users report that their skin looks smoother and fuller, with decreased appearance of wrinkles and lines, fewer blemishes, and an overall improvement in skin tone and glow.

Why is Collagen Important?

Collagen is most frequently found within the body in skin, bones and connective tissues. The term "collagen" is derived from the Greek "kolla" meaning glue. Collagen gives the skin its strength and structure and also plays a part in the replacement of dead skin cells.

As you get older, your body loses its ability to replace the missing hydration, leaving your skin deflated, saggy and wrinkled. To keep the frame of your skin, you need to raise your everyday collagen intake and drink plenty of water each day.

Harvey & Coco Reviews on Amazon

Harvey & Coco is one of the best selling collagen supplements in the UK as it has over one thousand reviews on Amazon. Below are the top helpful and top critical reviews.


I've been taking this for a week and I can say that this is really effective. I can see the difference to my skin, my face is glowing eyebags had been reduced even some of my dark spots had lessen. You must have it. Try it and you wont regret it.


differin reviews


It was only after purchasing this product, I noticed that there's only 700mg of collagen in each capsule, it's pretty low and therefore I regretted buying them. I find them easy to take.

Amazon Customer 

The collagen supplement that I take has 6,000mg of collagen. This would mean you would have to take more than 8 capsules just to get one daily dose of the amount of collagen necessary for effective and noticeable results.

One Harvey and Coco review mentioned that their hip and joint pain was helped by the product while other reviews say how it has helped their skin. Because collagen is important for all aspects of health it is possible that this supplement can help numerous different ailments.

We read in another customer review that they were offered a free bottle in exchange for a positive review. This is against Amazon's guidelines and we cannot be certain that the positive reviews are authentic. 

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Marine Collagen (Fish) - 700mg

Fish collagen is the best source of collagen compared to other types of animal collagen because it has the best absorption rate and bioavailability. It is necessary for the structure and strength of all body functions like skin, bones, plus joints too. (1)

Fish collagen may be referred to as marine collagen, but marine collagen supplements are sometimes sourced from shellfish or shark and is not recommended because they can cause allergic reactions and also contain high amounts of calcium. Too much calcium in the body may cause constipation, fatigue, and nausea. (2)

Harvey & Coco's marine collagen is sourced from fresh water fish as stated on their site.

Hyaluronic Acid - 60mg

Hyaluronic Acid has advantages for anti-aging, increasing collagen, moisturizing, and providing flexibility in the skin.

Vitamin C - 60mg
Vitamin C serves as an significant cofactor in many enzymatic reactions such as the biosynthesis of  collagen which is a significant element of our skin.

Vitamin C is best utilized to promote skin wellness and to help treat scarring out of it's elastin and collagen production effects. Increasing these effects leads to your body's capacity to make new skin cells.

The absorption of Vitamin C in our gut is limited and only a small quantity of the vitamin is consumed despite taking large doses orally.

Studies show that taking vitamin C orally doesn't benefit our skin. The use of topical vitamin C is regarded as a much better option.

Vitamin E - 11mg

We believe Vitamin E is added into this product at such a low amount that it may not have any effect on helping skin. Vitamin E amounts from the body are raised faster when applied topically than when taken orally. We consider Vitamin E to be better when applied to skin than taken in supplement form and consequently don't suggest that it be taken orally.

Other Ingredients

Natural Flavouring Substance (Maltodextrin E504) -This is a sugar molecule which is used as a filler in products.

The capsule shell is made from Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (used as an alternative to gelatin and gluten) and Titanium Dioxide E171 (used as a food additive and is generally considered safe).

Side Effects

Some side effects from this collagen supplement that we have read about include:

  • More breakouts and cysts than before taking the product
  • Allergic reaction on face and neck
  • Stomach ache

How To Use





2 capsules daily before bedtime

60 capsules / 30 day supply


Where to Buy

This collagen supplement is available for purchase in the UK on Amazon and on their website.

They offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, but two customers have said they lack great customer service as they do not respond to emails.

Blemless is another skin clarification supplement that we suggest trying. It can also be purchased on Amazon UK as well as throughout Europe and in Australia.

Pros & Cons


Free from bovine or pork gelatin


Suitable for vegans and vegetarians


Not enough milligram of each ingredient to produce a pronounced effect

May cause side effects

Reviews may not be real

Contains maltodextrin (sugar)

CONCLUSION: Will You See Results?

Each ingredient in the capsules may help with the synthesis of collagen production and therefore may be beneficial to overall skin health. On their website it's promoted to help moisturize dry skin. For this reason people with oily skin may not benefit from this product.

We believe that some of the amounts of the ingredients are added in at too low of a dose to have a great effect on skin, but taking the supplement for a long period of time may produce results.


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