Dots for Spots Review UK- Acne Spot Patches UPDATED

dots for spots review

There are many spot patches REVIEWS on Amazon, so how do you know what is the best acne spot treatment?

Read our Dots for Spots review below to learn more about this product in the UK.

How Do Spot Patches Work?

Dots for spots are pimple patches designed to spot treat acne blemishes. They are thin and translucent sticker-like dots which you apply to your skin overnight for pimple healing.

When it’s ready to be removed it will turn from translucent to opaque white.

They use hydrocolloid technology which means they supply a moist and insulated recovery environment that allows the body's own enzymes to help heal wounds. These dressings are exceptional since they do not need to be altered as frequently as any other wound dressings and are simple to apply.

How long do these pimple patches last?

They are a one time use patch. It is recommended to leave it on for at least 6 hours or preferably overnight.

Who Can Use Dots for Spots?

Any gender, age, and skin type can use these acne patches. UK customers and people all over the world can use this product if they have mild acne.

As they do not contain fragrance, sulfates, alcohol, or parabens they are non-irritating in most people.

Can You Use These Dots on Any Type of Acne?

These tiny stickers work best on spots that are at the surface and ready to be popped. If you are someone who can't resist picking or popping your pimples this product could help you stop the habit. Touching and picking at pimples can infect the area even more and even cause scarring which could last a lifetime.

Many people use spot patches on their forehead. What does forehead acne indicate? It usually means it is bacterial caused by lifestyle and hygiene habits. This is why Dots for Spots could be helpful.

As cysts and hormone related acne are harder to treat, we recommend a clear skin pill that works from in the inside out like Blemless which you could use in conjunction with Dots for Spots.

What are the Ingredients?

The dots for spots ingredients are simply hydrocolloid. Hydrocolloid is a biodegradable substance used for the treatment of acne.

The patches help absorb oil and pus from the spot while protecting the wound from bacteria and other factors that can cause inflammation.

Side Effects & Disadvantages of Hydrocolloid Dressings

Acne spot dots containing hydrocolloid are not appropriate for all skin issues. They will not work on more severe types of breakouts such as cysts.

Sometimes the patch may curl or roll up from the edges and you may need to reapply within 24 hours.

Some spots may come off when you shower or or swim if they are not applied correctly at first to dry, clean skin.

Dots for Spots Reviews

The company says the dots blend in with your skin, but customer reviews have said they were noticeable and felt silly wearing them. It did help them from picking at their pimples though.

Customers also said that the dots do work but only for smaller pimples and is not worth the price.

Unfortunately some customers didn't notice any beneficial effect even after leaving it on overnight.

Where Can You Buy Spot Dots?

Dots for spots can be purchased from Amazon UK and shipping to Ireland is available.

Unlike Zitsticka, Dots for Spots is not available at Boots in the United Kingdom.

Are Pimple Patches Bad?

They are not bad in the sense that they will cause any debilitating side effects, however they really only stop you from picking at a pimple and causing more inflammation in the spot.

They will not work on cysts, blackheads, milia, or whiteheads that are oozing or close to being popped.

Pros & Cons of Spot Patches UK


  • Works fast for spots ready to be popped.
  • Inexpensive.
  • No harsh side effects.


  • Not suitable for large cysts or deep blemishes under the skin.
  • Not a long-term treatment.
  • May not work at all.

Final Takeaway: Is it the Best Spot Treatment?

When we think of the best spot treatment we ultimately want a product that is going to work fast and have lasting effects.

If you have a small pimple that arose after eating a junk meal or from not washing your face we think Dots for Spots can help.

Is it the best acne treatment you can buy in Britain? We don’t think so as it does not have a long-lasting effect. For this reason we recommend a supplement for your spots that works from the inside out such as Blemless.

As Blemless is also available in the UK you can use both products together for a more pronounced effect.