Actimine Review-What Ingredients Give Side Effects?

acnetime review

Actimine reviews can be found on the web, but does it really work?

This is what you need to know about the side effects and ingredients of this acne supplement.

My Actimine Review

actimine reviews

The Actimine acne treatment is a supplement sold by the company Progressive Health.

I bought my bottle of Actimine from Amazon​ as you will not be able to return the product if you purchase it from Progressive Health because in order to receive a refund you have to return the product without it being used as stated in their return policy.

When companies don’t stand by their product and offer a true money back guarantee that means that they don’t trust their product so why should we?

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Actimine Dosage

The serving size is 3 capsules and there are 30 servings per container.

My first impression of the capsules were that they were on the larger side which may be a problem for some people especially because the dose is 3 capsules daily. Compared to a dime they are much bigger.

actimine for acne
actimine - get clear skin

The capsules are white in color with tiny black spots which I believe is the ingredient MSM because it is a form of sulfur which is black.

I started taking Actimine when my skin was a bit oilier than usual as I read in other customer reviews that it had helped their oily skin. I took the three capsule dose for two weeks and noticed a small improvement in oily skin, but not a huge improvement.

Some customers said that it took about two weeks for the effects to kick in, but they did not say what results in specific started to occur within that time. I guess it depends on the type of skin issue you are trying to fix whether it is oily skin or increased breakouts. If you take care of the oily skin it can fix both problems.

Actimine may help with overall skin care over a long period of time, but it will not give you results right away and it is not a cure for acne or oily skin.

Actimine Ingredients

These are the ingredients in Actimine:

Vitamin A


Vitamin E


Methylsulfonyl Methane

Gum Guggul Ext

5000 IU

50 mcg

200 IU

10 mg

1500 mg

50 mg

vITAMIN A - 5000 IU

Vitamin A is added into this stack at a high yet effective dose for treating acne.  This amount is about as high as you would want to take in a supplement as vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin which gets stored in fat cells and is not as quickly excreted from the body as water-soluble vitamins.

Vitamin A in high doses can cause toxicity, but you would have to take around 100,00 IU a day for months in order for that to happen. 

There are different types of vitamin A, and the type that is added into the Actimine skin care supplement is from a form of algae that creates carotenoids to protect the skin. Carotenoids are the pigments that give vegetables their colors, specifically red and orange vegetables. Carotenoids contain phytonutrients and have antioxidant properties which help reduce inflammation among other numerous health benefits.

The reason why vitamin A is beneficial for skin health is because it helps smoothen out fine lines, increases collagen production and unclogs pores.

Selenium - 50 MCG

Selenium is an antioxidant that benefits our skin because it helps protect against free radicals which are chemicals or any "foreign invader" that can damage our skin cells. This includes environmental factors, sun exposure or cigarette smoke.

More specifically for acne, selenium's antioxidant effects have been proven to decrease inflammation that contributes to breakouts as well as overall inflammation in the body.

Vitamin E - 200 IU

Vitamin E is another antioxidant which can help reduce inflammatory acne and slow the signs of aging because it helps smoothen out skin.

This vitamin is popular for reducing the appearance of acne scars when applied topically to the skin as it is easily absorbable.​

ZINC - 10 mg

​Zinc is a mineral that we take when we are sick because it helps boost our immune system. and reduces inflammation. Our immune system plays a role in the development of acne as a weakened system is less likely to be able to fight off pimple causing bacteria.

Zinc, especially in men, can increase testosterone which is the androgen that causes acne. The dose of 10 mg is low enough that it should not affect testosterone or increase breakouts.

Methylsulfonyl methane - 1500 mg

Methylsulfonyl Methane (MSM) is a natural form of sulfur and is found naturally in the human body. Sulfur is a powerful detoxifier, reduces inflammation, and is also one of the most important antioxidants that our bodies produce as it increases the effectiveness of other antioxidants in our body.

MSM may be helpful for other skin issues as well other than pimples. A study showed that MSM may help symptoms of rosacea which is an inflammatory skin disorder that is characterized by a flushing of the cheeks, nose, and chin as well as tiny pimple-like bumps.

GUM GUGGUL EXTract - 50 mg

Guggul is the sap that is formed from the guggul tree which is most commonly found in India. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as it has anti-bacterial properties, aids in detoxification of the body, and supports the immune system (1).

Many times breakouts can be caused from inflammation within the body which is why guggul may help reduce breakouts as it is known to have anti-inflammatory effects.​

One study showed that patients who took guggul had about the same reduction in acne as the prescription antibiotic Tetracycline. It also showed that people who had more oily skin actually responded better to guggul. (2)

Guggul is also used to help support our thyroid which helps balance our metabolism. Pimples may actually be an indicator of our thyroid being too slow.

Other ingredients: vegetarian capsule (hypromellose), rice powder, magnesium stearate.
These ingredients are fillers that help make up the capsules and makes the pill easier to swallow as well.

Where Can You Buy Actimine?

The Actimine supplement is sold on the Progressive Health website and can be shipped outside the US to countries like the UK, South Africa, Philippines, and Australia. If you live in the US you can also buy it from Amazon. Actimine is not for sale in stores like Walmart.

The Actimine price on Amazon is $59.95 plus free shipping if you are Prime member. It is the same price on the Progressive Health website, but shipping is not free.

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Actimine Side Effects

Although rare, these are some possible side effects from ingredient interactions with other drugs.

Vitamin A

May increase bleeding when taken with other drugs that increase the risk of bleeding like blood thinners. (3)


May slow blood clotting so taking it along with medications that slow blood clotting may increase chances of bruising. (4)

Vitamin E

May increase effectiveness of Cyclosporine (immunosuppressant) therefore increasing the side effects of the drug. (5)


Some side effects of zinc include diarrhea, nausea, and metallic taste. (6)


Common side effects of MSM include stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and nausea. It is not recommended to take MSM if you are pregnant or nursing as there is a lack of scientific evidence showing any interactions.

Gum Guggul Extract

The most common side effects of guggul is digestive issues.

It should not be taken with birth control pills as guggul in high doses has been shown to increase estrogen and may interfere with these medications.

Actimine Reviews - What Do People Think of the Supplement?

There are 27 reviews on Actimine on Amazon with an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.


Cathy A. Harvey

Seems to Help

Seems to help with excess oil production. Takes about 2 weeks to kick in. Still looking for that Miracle in a Bottle. Please let me know if someone stumbles across it.


Lindy 74

Smells funny, but that makes me
think it has something ...

not sure yet...going to give it another month might be helping with acne....smells funny, but that makes me think it has something special, that's working...I'm 74 but extremely youthful, and have been battling what I think is hormonal acne for 3 years...everything that helps with the acne dries my skin, and or makes my hair fall out, so, have to walk a tight line. So far, the things that are helping the most seem to be Retin A, Dapsone, vitamin C serum and now, Actimine..

Most of the reviews on Amazon are positive as they said the product worked for them while others said that it did not work for them at all. Some customers also complained that the price used to be much lower than it is now which is why they will not buy Actimine again.

Conclusion: Does Actimine Work?

The facts about Actimine are that it contains ingredients which may help oily skin and overall skin health, but there are products on the market that are actually less expensive and are more effective as they contain better ingredients which are formulated more towards acne. We recommend Acnetame if you are looking to get clear skin at a more affordable price.

So should you take Actimine for acne? Some people may have success with this product for their breakouts while others may not see any improvement. 3 capsules daily may be a lot for people to take especially because the capsules are a bit large so that is something to take into consideration before buying Actimine. 

What has worked best to help you with your acne? Please leave a comment below and let us know!